Why Una Patches?

Why did we put CBD in a patch? And what makes
us so different from other brands?

Not just another CBD brand

We do things differently – from our values to our product itself. We’re an independent brand here to make waves. And we’ve come prepared with the credentials to back ourselves up.


We’re proud to be the first Climate Positive CBD Brand. Our sustainability commitments won us ‘Best CBD Brand’ at the Marie Claire Sustainability awards.


We test our CBD and our patches, publishing lab reports on this site so you always have access.


Our packaging is recyclable and our patches are biodegradable. Once you’re done, there’s nothing left. 

Our Patches give you:

Complete Control

Get a continuous dose of CBD as you wear them. Done? Just remove the patch.

Direct Delivery

Quickly get CBD straight into your system with our extremely efficient patches.

Easy to Use

No taste, no mess and no smell. Just peel, stick and go with our simple to use patches.


Ready to Start Your Journey?