Sustainability is Key

This ethos guides everything we do at Una

Climate Positive

We’re proud to be the first climate positive CBD product and business.

Award Winning

Our sustainability commitments have seen us awarded the title of ‘Best CBD Brand’ at the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards.

How do we live up to our sustainability commitments?

From the very start, before we even had a product, we committed oursevles to developing Una Patches sustainably.
We created our patches to be zero waste – they’re biodegradable and packaged in recyclable materials. Our supply chain is designed to minimise carbon emissions by choosing local manufacturers wherever possible.
For emissions that are unavoidable, for example from deliveries, we have our climate positive programme with Earthly. This awarded us the certifications of climate positive product and business. Being climate positive means we go beyond just balancing out our carbon emissions to actually having a positive impact on the planet and people. This year, we chose to contribute to the Kasigau Corridor project.

Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project

Our Earthly Partnership


Kasigau Corridor works with over 5,000 local landowners to protect this corridor. A REDD+ project stands for Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation. The project area is home to an incredibly diverse population of wildlife including more than 20 species of bats, over 50 species of large mammals, and over 300 species of birds. It is also home to vital populations of animals found on the IUCN Red List including over 2,000 African Elephants, African Wild Dog, Cheetah and Grevy's Zebra.


The project has led to the creation of over 300 jobs; the building of 15 new schools; clean safe drinking water for 25,000 people and the formation of 500 women's groups. Kasigau's Q1 impact report shows how education is a key focus with 4,123 bursaries being awarded. These bursaries will support children going to secondary school, University and special care schools; 51% of the support students were young women.