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CBD Patches

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Your everyday CBD patch to help you feel your best you.

8mg of premium quality CBD in each patch to boost your endocannabinoid system so you can find your equilibrium.

  • Biodegradable
  • Vegan
  • THC free
  • Waterproof
  • Medical grade patches
  • Plastic free
  • Natural and sustainable
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CBD with a difference. Una Patches are an alternative, convenient method for taking CBD.

The fuss free method has no mess, no smell and no taste. Our patches provide a premium pathway to get CBD into your body which means more accurate dosing and better value for you.

You simply take a patch, place it on your skin and get on with your day/night.

Each of our patches contain 8mg of premium CBD, grown in Europe. They can be worn for up to 24 hours and release ingredients steadily over time.

Una Patches are:

  • Made of all natural ingredients
  • Biodegradable
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for vegans
  • THC free
  • Medical grade patches

19 reviews for CBD Patches

  1. Jo

    These have really helped my sleep and muscle recovery. I love that they’re vegan and biodegradable its a really important part for me when supporting a brand

  2. Sophie

    I hate the taste of CBD oil and find the dosage really confusing. These patches make it all so simple, I’m a big fan so glad I found them!

  3. Jenny

    I really wasn’t sure about CBD or patches but I’ve been in such a slump I thought it was worth a shot. I’m a total convert i’m sleeping better and have way more energy and better mood. Definitely going to keep using these. Thanks!

  4. James

    I’d already been trying CBD for muscle recovery and I liked that these patches are so convenient and I don’t have to taste the oil. They’re super effective and also been sleeping much better. I’ll definitely be using them from now on. Keep it up guys

  5. Madeleine


  6. owen.enquiries

    Amazing products been using them for a couple of weeks now really happy they’ve really helped me with my sleep would 100% recommend to anybody 🙌🏻

  7. Aarti

    This was my first time trying CBD patches and I’m very impressed. They’ve helped me sleep better and made me feel calmer all round. The patches are very discrete and worth every penny!

  8. Sarah

  9. Samantha Rouse

    I noticed the difference once I stopped using the patches they really helped my anxiety during the day. I felt calm and relaxed all day. I will be repurchasing 😍

  10. Mr Michael


  11. William Hunter

    Too early to tell how effective.

  12. Michael Hines

    Feeling better every day

  13. Maureen Dicker

    Well I was little duvious at first, but after three days feeling better! Much much better and I know its the patches that are helping me sleep and function better. Thank you Una!

  14. Gary D.

    As a long term suffer of sleep , anxiety and depression, I gave these a go and so far things are good. I was sceptical at the time but arnt we all with new products! Don’t be shy , by Una!

  15. Jennifer

    Easy to use, great ethos, quick delivery and enjoying the Una patch experience!

  16. Elaine

    I’ve suffered with chronic back pain for years. Have tried other CBD products to no real benefit. With Una I’ve been pretty much pain free. Totally surprised – if I’m being honest – I was hoping they’d work but was prepared for them not to. Total game changer! I’m sleeping so much better too.

  17. LYNNE

    Easy to use, no side effects or nasty taste. I use them to help with muscle recovery and to help me sleep better.

  18. Claire

    The patches are easy to use and have helped me feel more relaxed and sleep better.

  19. Jeanette

    Easy to use, not aware of the benefits but its early days, amazing sticky stuff, stay on even after a soak in the bath, although the remnants take some scrubbing 🙂

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