Our Tribe

Una Patches ambassadors embody our mission and values. Hear from them to see how they use their patches to feel their best.
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Monique @novelallure

I was so surprised when I first used the patches - I was so relased and at ease! They help me sleep better and feel calmer. I've already got my father using them and he loves them too.

Ryan @voice_4_mentalhealth

I'm a big mental health advocate and I'm always looking for new things to add to my routine. Safe to say I recommend these patches, I love using them.

Jyoti @mywellnesscompany

I feel my best when I'm in balance and in flow. That's why I love Una Patches' message and their values (hello vegan and biodegradable!) The patches really help me stay in balance and I'm sleeping so much better.

Beckie @beckiebubblegum

I love these patches for taking CBD! They're so easy to use all I do is stick it on and forget about it while it does it's magic. I use my patches to reduce stress, anxieties and back pain.

Lucy @bookcaseofbarnes

I feel my best when I'm stable and anxiety free, living in the Present. That why I love Una Patches to calm my mind so I can focus on my career & passions. The patches ease my mind from anxiety which makes me 10x more productive and helps prevent burnout - win win! 

Marcus @mcbx

My girlfriend got me onto these and boy... I see the hype! Easy to use, work a treat, I'm a big fan of these CBD patches.

Kavi @kavi_m

I feel my best when I can relax and have a healthy balance. These patches have been great for helping me concentrate which I  need because I spend all day working on my laptop. I fall asleep much easier too! 

Leona @itssleona

I love that Una Patches has a huge sustainability focus. The patches are of course amazing and work a treat - I tell everyone I meet about them. 
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