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Biodegradable CBD patches that fit naturally into your everyday routine

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Our bodies naturally strive for homeostasis, yet we often find ourselves out of balance. In this modern world we are facing more stresses than ever before. So, it is only right that we give ourselves a helping hand. Our Patches are powered with CBD to balance your endocannabinoid system (ECS). They help you find your equilibrium, leaving you free to focus on what matters most.

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Premium Pathway

Delivering CBD in a patch ensures it bypasses the stomach and avoids first pass metabolism. This efficient delivery method means you get more of the good stuff.

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Continuous Control

Our patches release an accurate dose of CBD continuously as you wear them, meaning no ups and downs. You have complete control over your dosing, simply remove the patch when you’re done.

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Fuss Free

No mess, no smell and no taste. Our Patches are disreet, quick and easy to use.

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It's in our DNA

We are guided by our key principle of having a positive impact on people and the planet. Una Patches was built with these values at our core. Experts have assessed our product and business and awarded us climate positive certifications which we're pretty proud of! 

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hemp is saving our planet

Why Hemp is a super crop

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Capturing CO2

Hemp takes in four times more carbon dioxide than trees

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Clean Crop

Hemp is a super strong crop. It does not need pesticides to grow which means cleaner air, land and water

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Zero Waste

Every single part of the hemp plant can be used - from the flowers and leaves to the stalks and seeds

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Deep Roots

The plants deep roots allow it to enrich the earth, replenishing nutrients in the soil and reducing erosion.

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Magic Patches!

I added CBD to my daily routine to help with reducing stress, anxiety and back pain. The ease of Una Patches is what made me want to try it, such a simple design and easy to use. The CBD patch is great all I do is stick it on and forget about it while it does it’s magic!

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Totally converted

I really wasn't sure about CBD or patches but I've been in such a slump I thought it was worth a shot. I'm a total convert i'm sleeping better and have way more energy and better mood. Definitely going to keep using these. Thanks!

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So convenient

I'd already been trying CBD for muscle recovery and I liked that these patches are so convenient and I don't have to taste the oil. They're super effective and also been sleeping much better. I'll definitely be using them from now on. Keep it up guys

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Buy more, save more

The Patches

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ONE BOX (30 patches) - £29.99

TWO BOXES (60 patches) - £53.98 (SAVE 10%)

THREE BOXES (90 patches) - £76.48 (SAVE 15%)

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